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Now that we can leave our electronic devices on mid-air, Brian Fung at the Washington Post reports that the U.S. will propose allowing cell phones during flights. Kevin Merida there wrote, “Cell phone usage on flights? Next up: airplane quiet rows.” Colleague Amy Brittain agreed: “Ugh. As if flying wasn't already miserable enough.” Brent Jang at Globe and Mail had the same idea and suggested, “Time for no-talking-on-cellphone section on plane?” Lesley Seymour from More Magazine added: “Let’s let the FAA know that this is a terrible idea: When you can’t change seats or leave…”

The National Journal asks another tough question: What if Journalists Had to Disclose Drug Use? McKay Coppins at BuzzFeed wrote, “Should journos shaming @TreyRadel for his cocaine possession have to disclose their own drug use.” Asawin Suebsaeng from Mother Jones tweeted: “.@bterris has the scoop on how @cjciaramella has been selfish in not sharing his drugs.” Brian Hickey at Deadspin admitted, “I'm game: have sampled just about everything but heroin and krokodil.”

Julie Brown at The Miami Herald has quite a strange story today: In Miami Gardens, store video catches cops in the act. Kate Hinds from WNYC wrote, “Talk about shop and frisk: ‘He installed the cameras--15 of them--to protect him and his customers from police.’” Mark Berman at the Washington Post wrote, “If you haven't seen it yet, definitely read this @MiamiHerald story about the Miami Gardens police.” Matt Frassica with the Courier-Journal explained, “Police came to his work and arrested him for trespassing. 62 times.” And the Christian Science Monitor’s Dan Murphy added, “Why are federal civil rights protections important? Systematic police harassment of young black men.”

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