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Nov 22, 2013

For a bit of news that might restore  your faith in humanity (necessary going into the weekend, we think), Daily Intelligencer has the story of how Frank Bruni Found Courtney Love’s iPhone in a Cab. Joyce Tang at Newsweek Global admitted: “<3 this, including part where @Courtney says, ‘I pride myself on a certain discretion in certain aspects of my life.’” Richard Deitsch with Sports Illustrated called the story: “So very NYC.” Christopher Hawthorne at the LA Times wrote, “So many hilarious details in the story.” Don Van Natta at ESPN said, “Today, Twitter was proven almost worthy of its $23 billion market cap. Because today, @courtney got her iPhone back.”

Also from the New York Times, news that the Suspicious Item in OKC Was a Burrito, according to the Bomb Squad. Adam Chandler at Tablet Magazine called it, “Typical Big Burger agitprop.” Ana Marie Cox at the Guardian tweeted: “So many jokes. So many smells.” Freda Moon with the New York Times admitted, “I've seen a few suspicious burritos here in NYC.” Amanda Hesser at Food52 called this her “Favorite news headline today.”

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