Healthy and safety..and sometimes, the opposite

Nov 25, 2013

The Wall Street Journal reports that The Letter: FDA Orders 23andMe to Halt Sales of its genetic testing service. Tom Gara there wrote, “Here's the FDA letter ordering 23andMe to ‘immediately discontinue’ sales. It's pretty tough.” Dan Primack at Fortune said, “Wow. FDA slams door on 23andM.” Matt Buchanan at The New Yorker teased (we hope): “Well there goes my gift guide idea.”

For more on the issue, read the original FDA letter here. John Herrman at BuzzFeed said, “I am honestly not sure how I feel about this!” David Biello at Scientific American wrote, “You know what's bunk? @23andMe test telling you about your health, or so says @US_FDA.” Dennis Berman at the Wall Street Journal shared: “Is genetic-testing site 23AndMe causing women to get unneeded mastectomies? The FDA implies it is.” Alexandra Sifferlin with Time Magazine put it another way: “FDA: *drop mic*”

Then at Mother Jones, Molly Redden discovered a New Warning for the Morning-After Pill. It apparently Doesn't Work for Women Over 176 Pounds. Melissa Jeltsen with MSNBC added this alarming bit from the story: "Weight data suggests that at 166 pounds, the average U.S. woman is too heavy to use these pills effectively.” Christina Chaey at Fast Company explained: “The comments on @motherjones report on Plan B's ineffectiveness for 176lb+ women are some of the worst I've seen.” Peter Hartlaub from the San Francisco Chronicle figured out: “Now I know where our commenters go after getting banned for life …” Colleague Peter Hartlaub called it, “the Pelican Bay of world-hating a-hole comment forums.” @Timothy Murphy suggested: “Honestly, ban comments.” Dana Liebelson at Mother Jones added: “To the assholes making fat-phobic, sexist comments in response to this Plan B scoop: SERIOUSLY?”

The Hollywood Reporter exposes Hollywood's Nightmare of Death, Injury, and Secrecy where Animal Actors are concerned. Seth Abramovitch there tweeted: “Game-changer: @garymbaum on Hollywood's failure to safeguard animals in films like Life of Pi, The Hobbit and more.” Freelancer Celeste Headlee tweeted this from the story: "The AHA has awarded its ‘No Animals Were Harmed’ credit to films & TV shows on which animals were injured." She also said, “Whoa! Just an amazing report from @THR on the animals that are injured/killed during filming.”

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