Featured journalist: Golnar Motevalli

Today we are pleased to feature Golnar Motevalli, a freelance journalist stationed in Tehran at the moment. This Farsi-speaking British-Iranian journalist of several years has experience in TV news and in wire reporting, with a weighty focus on Iran, Middle East regional politics, the Gulf, Afghanistan, Arab Spring.

A former correspondent at Reuters with field experience in Afghanistan, Golnar Motevalli covers war, women's rights, regional politics, diplomacy, Afghan politics and more. At one time or another, Motevalli has also covered British politics, business & financial markets, culture and arts.

First job as a journalist? "Paid: Freelance writer on Iran for Middle East magazine. Unpaid: Intern at BBC World Service radio." Favorite fictional journalist? "Lynda Day, editor of the Junior Gazette (Press Gang)." Most desired would-be follower? "If he was on twitter: Mohammad Khatami. In his absence: Armando Ianucci." As for what it means to be a journalist: "Lucky."

Be sure to visit Motevalli's portfolio here for hard-hitting headlines such as this Reuters piece "Battlefield dead haunt U.S. Marines and Afghans alike," or this article penned for the New York Times: "For fallen bankers, sorry may be the hardest, and smartest, word."

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