Meditations from the media

Making the rounds on Twitter today is a reflective piece on political reporting in Politico by Matt Katz all about his journey covering Gov. Chris Christie. It starts with a personal query from the governor himself: "'How'd you draw the short end of the stick?' Chris Christie asked me the first time I walked into his office for an interview." Politico colleague Hadas Gold says of it, "Do yourselves a favor and read @mattkatz00 on what it's like to cover Chris Christie ... amazing." Storyful's Aine Kerr quoted from it: "Christie uses reporters the same way comedians use those in the front rows at stand-up shows." Capital New York's Azi Paybarah tweeted of it, "who reports on who? 'My biggest competition is not other reporters; its the man himself. He is his own news outlet.'"

Also in media, there was this popular (if discomfiting) Gawker headline, which we will let speak for itself: "TOP 10 BEST EVER WTF OMG REASONS BUZZFEED FIRED ME, LOL!" After reading it, MarketWatch's Shawn Langlois summarized the post thusly: "Oldest employee gets the ax from @BuzzFeed. Here's why, according to the oldest employee." Meanwhile, Eddie Scarry at The Blaze seemed uncomfortable: "No one ever seems like a winner when employment history is aired out. A depressing read." Katherine Bell from, however, had a different takeaway: "Impressed by @BuzzFeedBen for his response to this Gawker post by someone he fired."

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