Other heady headlines

Today The New York Times covered the pope's attacks on the "tyranny" of markets in a key documentAndrew Tangel at the LA Times noted, "Pope Francis won't be ringing the opening bell anytime soon." David Gelles also with NYT announced, "Almost ready to convert. Go papa!" Michelle Gaps tweeted a powerful passage: "Francis on reform: 'I prefer a Church which is bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets'."

Meanwhile, Business Insider's Joe Weisenthal also had that story, commenting, "The Pope just published one of the most powerful critiques you'll ever read about inequality and the modern economy." Coworker Steven Perlberg couldn't resist this quip: "Is this a good critique of modern capitalism? Um, is the pope catholic? (sorry)."

Also, a serious error has been revealed in an HIV case study in Greece that was featured in a WHO Europe report. John Rentoul at The Independent tweeted, "Big correction by WHO, withdraws claim ½ new Greek HIV cases self-infected to claim benefits." The Guardian's Peter Beaumont reflected, "Seemed too good to be true and is."
The New York Times was also on that story, with Danny Hakim writing. Freelance journalist Dave Seminara retweeted and rephrased in the simplest terms: "Nope, Greeks aren't giving themselves HIV."

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