Disappointments to reference when it all gets too tense

Nov 27, 2013

It’s likely you’re going home to at least one relative to who doesn’t think you’ve lived up to your potential (done enough, gotten married, had enough kids, what have you). In preparation for that, the news took a turn for the depressing today...

First, here’s Kim Severson’s piece in the New York Times titled: Hold the Pecans on the Thanksgiving Pie. Catherine Rampell there explained, “Ill-timed rain, marauding animals, and growing Chinese demand have resulted in worst pecan supply in recent memory.” Josh Dawsey at the Wall Street Journal thinks this is a “Great NYT story about nationwide pecan shortage: ‘It is a meager holiday in the pecan groves of the South...’” Charles Johnson at the Chicago Tribune shared: “Two bourbon and orange pecan pies and I'm nearly broke.”

Also a bummer, a chart showing that The great Guru boom is over. Sonal Chokshi at Wired said, “And good riddance to all that!” Markham Nolan from Storyful described it as: “Bubble: BURST.” Meanwhile, our very own Gregory Galant pointed out that “The Awesome boom is in full swing.”

Last night, we all saw this photo out of India showing A Python who ate a person who was drunk and lying beside the liquor shop. Hillary Lake at WBIR Channel 10 Knoxville called it, “Sick!” Dieter Kurtenbach at the South Florida Sun Sentinel reacted with “Noooooooo.” Todd Zwillich from Public Radio International shared: “Killjoy @POTUSProf brands this a hoax :(.”

Indeed, Hoax Slayer took some time to ask Does a Viral Picture Show a Giant Snake That Swallowed a Woman in South Africa? Joel Pavelski at the New York Post said, “That picture of a snake that ‘swallowed’ a human that everybody's tweeting is fake.” Dennis Mbuvi from CIO said, “Python that swallowed drunk man is a hoax - sighs of relief heard around bars.”

Proving that even the worst things in life have some good attached, take a look at this picture of Penn Station when it opened 130 years ago today. It really was beautiful. Kelsey Butler from The Deal realized it’s “A touch different now.” Megan McCarthy at Fortune quickly killed the dream with: “Shame it was destroyed.” Christina Amoroso at the New York Post kept hope alive: “Wish it still looked like this.”

You can also read about the heyday of Penn Station on WNYC’s site, where Kate Hinds put together: On This Day in Transportation History, New York's Penn Station Opened.

And in the tech world, another letdown. This time, it’s in the form of a missing hard drive that contained Bitcoins worth £4m. Alex Hern wrote the story at The Guardian. Brad Gerick at the New York Daily News explained: “A hard drive with 7,500 bitcoins is three or four feet under trash in a football-sized landfill in Wales. Ready...GO!” But where? Doug Saunders from the Globe and Mail wrote “Suddenly, digging through metres of rancid kitchen waste has become a leading Welsh pastime.” Kashmir Hill from Forbes added, “Blockchain proof or it didn't happen.”

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