Featured journalist: Nigel Duara

For Thanksgiving Eve, we'd like to introduce to you Nigel Duara with the Associated Press as today's featured journalist. A self-described "one-man bandit for the AP in Oregon," Duara deals in text, photos and video. He covers all things criminal, terrorist and legal -- some formidable beats, to be sure.

Before embarking on the journey that led him to the AP, Duara graduated in 2005 from the prestigious University of Missouri School of Journalism with what he claims were "low grades but high hopes." His first gig: Serving as a "day cops" reporter -- as well as night cops and health and city and county government reporter -- at the Montgomery Advertiser. "Hey man, shrinking newsrooms," he explained. He writes that "after fighting it for several years," he finally took the plunge into multimedia journalism, and the results can be found in his portfolio. Some examples of his excellent work include  "'Perversion files' show locals helped cover up" as well as  "On Idaho border, Ore. marijuana finds its way out."

Duara also had an unconventional answer for favorite journalist: E.K. Hornbeck, from "Inherit the Wind." As for what it means to be a journalist in real life, he writes, "It means combining the science of inquiry with the art of the written word. No one gets to have as much serious fun." Ultimately, Duara has come to believe that "videos, still photos and text will save us all." Weighty words, indeed.

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