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Nov 27, 2013

Philip Bump at The Wire has put together The Best Tweets of All Time, According to Us. Which is them (them is not us). Chris Geidner from BuzzFeed said, “Hey, @theferocity, seen this?” Richard Lawson with The Atlantic Wire called these “Important tweets.” Tim Herrera at amNewYork said, “I'm thankful for this.” Stefan Becket at New York Magazine added, “I am so glad @max_read chose the tweet he did. Definitely the best.”

For more navel gazing, Slate’s Joshua Keating explored How the U.S. Media Would Cover Thanksgiving if it Was in Another Country, likely in an empty office, with most of his coworkers already away. Ari Shapiro at NPR liked it and said, “As someone who's about to start reporting from a foreign country, I find this to be a useful cautionary lesson.” Geoff Van Dyke from 5280 Magazine called it a “Classic.” Freelancer Jeremy Stoltz shared it with the following: “Some Wed. brilliance for you.”

Seems everyone in media gave themselves a little slack this morning, even The New York Times. The Grey Lady actually put a picture of a partial female nipple on A1, above-the-fold. Josh Gerstein from Politico thinks it’s a “Cultural milestone of some sort.” Freelancer Lawrence Lanahan imagined everyone thinking, “‘Scramble the think-piece jets.’ HAWWW.” Kathryn Schulz at New York Magazine reacted with: “Wow. Good morning to you, too, New York Times. Above the fold and below the ... well, see for yourself.” Joshua Benton at Nieman Lab shared, “In Revealing Shift, Nipple Debuts on Times Page 1.” Michael Arndt at Crain's Chicago Business made a joke: “But I thought tattoos were nonkosher.”

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