Believe it or not

ABC News reports that the Obamas Might Stay in Washington After Presidency Ends. Michael Falcone there wrote, “Obama says his family has "made a lot of sacrifices on behalf of my cockamamie ideas.” Philip Bump at The Atlantic said, “This failure of judgment is the first time I've seen legitimate reason to impeach the president.” Reid Wilson from the Washington Post gave one reason, “Kids will still be in school.” Ed O'Keefe at NowThis News didn’t quite believe and wrote, “Yeah right.”

Here’s another one you might not believe: Political Wire writes that The Nuclear Launch Code Was 00000000. Taegan Goddard there said, “For 20 years, at the height of the Cold War, the nuclear launch code was 00000000.” Josh Smith from Stars and Stripes added, “Before that it was 12345678.” Amy Resnick at the Pensions and Investments Newspaper is “Thankful to be alive.” Matt Pearce from the LA Times was less optimistic: “God, how did we ever survive?” Neil Irwin with the Washington Post added, “I'm assuming the password was ‘password.’”

Meanwhile, NASA writes that Comet ISON May Have Survived. It was spotted yesterday, “despite not having been seen in observations during its closest approach to the sun.” Storyful tweeted: “Hold the presses!” Lance Ulanoff from Mashable explained, “These images show Comet ISON may have survived. Me: Wow!”

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