Delivery drones are here

Amazon Prime Air introduced “something the team has been working on in [their] next generation R&D lab” Basically, it’s supposed to be a “new delivery system that gets packages into customers' hands in 30 minutes or less using unmanned aerial vehicles.” You can watch a video of the madness right here. Paddy Hirsch at Marketplace tweeted: “What could possibly go wrong.” Katharine Zaleski at NowThis News said, “Amazon Prime Air is awesome. But I predict a new type of thievery to replace your crazy neighbor's package stealing.” Scott Bixby at Bloomberg Businessweek explained: “Drones to deliver death, consumer goods from the sky.” Martin LaMonica at Technology Review wondered, “Why does the music from Amazon's sneak peek of #PrimeAir sound like it's from a horror movie?” James Oliphant from the National Journal resigned: “I welcome our new robot overlords.” Robert Peston at the BBC called the whole thing, “It is like the Jetsons' world has finally been created. I am afraid to say I love the Amazon Octocopter.”

Amazon also tweeted this photo to say: “Get a sneak peek of #PrimeAir.Victor Oquendo at WPLG Local 10 News said, “I'm scared.” Mark Berman from the Washington Post thinks, “This legitimately looks like something someone would send after James Bond.” Sunny Hundal from the Guardian explained, “Ridicule it all you like, but Jeff Bezos is trying to stay 5 steps ahead.” Garance Franke-Ruta at The Atlantic wondered if it’s “Vulnerable to slingshots?”

According to James Ball at The Guardian, we shouldn’t believe the hype about these little guys though. He tweeted: "In an industry dominated by page views, stuff people will click on that is easy to produce is an irresistible draw." Heather Long there said, “Jeff Bezos's 'plan' for #drone deliveries is little more than a publicity stunt says @jamesrbuk.” Colleague Ian Tucker said, “Jeff Bezos's 'plan' for drone deliveries is a publicity stunt, timed for the biggest online shopping day of the year.” Freelancer Tim Anderson put it another way: “Journalists must not write about Amazon drones, says journalist in article on Amazon drones.”

And from Quantum Pirate, this photo with the caption: “I missed an Amazon drone delivery.”

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