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The Wall Street Journal explains that a Chinese Territorial Strife Has Hit Archaeology and we only hope there’s an Indiana Jones character to help out with this mess. Carolyn King there wrote, “Great story: China asserting ownership of thousands of shipwrecks in the South China Sea.” Colleague David George-Cosh tweeted: “This is a great read in today's @WSJ - How China assets its sovereignty through marine archaeological muscle.” Will Connors also with WSJ warned: “Beware shipwreck hunters.”

Also in China, Nicholas Watt at The Guardian writes that No 10 protests as British journalist is barred from Chinese press conference. Jake Lee at the Wall Street Journal said, “China bars UK Bloomberg journo @RobDotHutton from press conference in Beijing with Cameron + Li Keqiang.” Peter Thal Larsen from Reuters tweeted this quote from the story: "The two leaders each read out a lengthy statement and declined to answer questions at the press conference." Colleague Pierre Briançon wondered, “Will he be suspended for hurting company's business?”

Going even deeper, New York Magazine snagged an essay from Joe Jonas who talks about (what else?) Life As a Jonas Brother. J duLac at the Washington Post tweeted: “Joe Jonas: ‘I preferred going to punk-rock shows in small venues wearing my jean jacket and all my band pins.’” Jessica Roy at Time Magazine wrote, “Speaking of NYMag, this Joe Jonas thing is fascinating. ‘The first time I smoked weed was with Demi and Miley.’ Rosie Gray at BuzzFeed titled it “True confessions of a Jonas brother.” Freelancer Janet Mock added, “As I wait a decade or so for the Miley/Selena/Demi/Hilary/Raven Disney tell-all, I enjoyed @joejonas's @vulture essay.”

At BuzzFeed, Sergio Hernandez investigates How An HIV-Positive Man Was Sent To Prison For Having Sex - With A Condom. Mathew Passy at the Wall Street Journal tweeted, “‘Fear (in this case ignorance) leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate.. to suffering.’ - Yoda” Paul Waugh at PoliticsHome wrote, “Proof that @BuzzFeed is more than listicles.”

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