From Beijing and beyond

To demonstrate their disgruntlement, Chinese governmental authorities made surprise visits to Bloomberg bureaus in both Beijing and Shanghai under the banner of "inspections," according to FortuneStephen Gandel there explained, "Winkler's Nazis comparison led to Chinese inspection of Bloomberg's offices." Annah Backstrom with Des Moines Register seemed a bit affronted: "Excuse me? 'Chinese authorities conduct unannounced 'inspections' of Bloomberg News bureaus.'"  Michael W. Shapiro with Newport News Daily Press could only muse, "The Bloomberg-China saga continues."

It looks like that tenuous relationship will have to be maintained somehow, however, as Bloomberg News goes on to report that the yuan finally overtook the euro as the world's second most used trade-finance currencyMark Gilbert there dubbed it "The Mighty Renminbi." And mighty it is, as evidenced by this detail from Reuters' Cate Long: "Up from 1.89% in January 2012 to 8.66%." 

And lastly, yeah, this happened: Chinese Internet entrepreneur Jack Ma took a selfie with UK Prime Minister David Cameron, then made him promise to share it. Which he did.


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