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Dec 03, 2013

The inimitable Carl Bernstein has penned an open letter to Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger, published on the eve of Rusbridger's testifying at a counterterrorism session before the House of Commons. In Glenn Greenwald's words: "Carl Bernstein condemns UK as "dangerously pernicious" on press freedoms-amazing how little shame UK Govt has on this." Spencer Ackerman called it an "Inspiring open letter by Carl Bernstein in support of @guardian & our editor @arusbridger." Bridger himself tweeted, "Woke up to v nice letter from Carl Bernstein spelling out what a free press means."

In other troubling media news, Keach Hagey at WSJ reveals that ratings are sagging for cable TV business news. Business Insider's Joe Weisenthal noted, "In recent years, Bloomberg brass have informally discussed killing TV altogether, per WSJ. (Now not on the table)." Jeff Bercovici at Forbes commented, "Fox Business viewership down 18%, 'remains on long-term growth trajectory.' Hmm." Back at the Journal, editor Tom Gara pointed out, "Most interesting idea here is demand for stock market news is decreasing because the market is now run by robots."

Also filed under worrisome broadcast developments, Zucker is prepping for a massive change at CNN. Although Jay Yarow at Business Insider interpreted it simply as "CNN to get bloggier," it didn't exactly spur the most gleeful reaction from most journos. "In awful things this morning, CNN aims to have have more of 'an attitude and a take'," surmised Adam Cancryn with SNL FinancialNolan Hicks at the San Antonio Express-News was even less enthusiastic: "Oh God: Zucker wants CNN to attract 'viewers who are watching places like Discovery and History and Nat Geo and A&E.'" As Oliver Staley at Bloomberg News morosely observed, "Sounds like CNN is going the way of MTV, which dropped music. If MTV = Maybe Two Videos, does CNN = C No News?"

Don't even think about seeking shelter in print media, though: NYT's David Carr lets us know that New York Magazine is cutting back. Chicago Sun-Times digital editor Emily McFarlan calls his piece a "Sad, but fascinating read." But Luc Hatlestad with 5280 Magazine argues, "Forget the print nostalgia; this is smart."

Over in social media, Daisuke Wakabayashi at the Wall Street Journal informs us Apple has bought Twitter analytics startup Topsy LabsEd Conway at Sky News reflected, "Given how rubbish Apple has been at social networking, its purchase of Twitter analytics firm Topsy feels significant."

And because we like introspection paired with retrospection, The Hairpin wonders, "What If a Women's Magazine Editor Edited a BBC News Story About Syria?Columbia Journalism Review's Kira Goldenberg tweeted, "This @thehairpin will be funniest for the editor types (spoiler alert: me)." Anna Maltby with Fit Pregnancy and Natural Health bravely confessed, "This hits too close to home. It's making me sick. (OR SOME SUCH)." At Politico, Blake Hounshell shared this gem: "ALSO – QUICK GENERAL-EDIT QUESTION: IS THERE ANY WAY TO TURN THIS STORY INTO A CHART OR LIST?"

Speaking of lists, The New Yorker explains exactly why it is that we click on them. Wall Street Journal's Julia Angwin joked, "This article on why our brains love lists would have been easier to read if it was a listicle."

And speaking of listicles, Buzzfeed bit the bullet and shared the truth behind that epic note-passing war on a Thanksgiving flight. You know the one we mean! "That whole plane row thing was a hoax. The bloke really needs to get a new hobby," concluded India Knight at The Times, demonstrating excellent judgment. "I blame all of my trust issues on Jimmy Kimmel and this 'Elan' character," announced Grace Johnson with Breaking News. "I didn't want to believe him, but @tomgara completely called this one," WSJ's Brian Fitzgerald freely admitted (good thinking, Tom). Best of all: "Nothing is real," complained Andrew Phelps at the New York Times. "Literally zero things."

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