The health of healthcare

Politico informs us that the White House is back into Obamacare sales mode. At the Wall Street JournalDavid Wessel elaborated, "White House will highlight a different Obamacare benefit every day until 12/23 deadline to sign up." Political blogger Greg Sargent tweeted, "Good @politico on Ds going on offense on Ocare but choice versus referendum frame also key." The Daily Beast's Justin Miller seemed frustrated, however: "Obama to sell public on Obamacare ... again ... four years after it became law."

When it comes to riveting healthcare reads, Elisabeth Rosenthal at the New York Times can always be counted: here's the latest from her that hospital prices are soaring, with a single stitch costing a whopping $500. North of the American border, Aaron McArthur at Global News cautions readers, "If you are Canadian, read this and be thankful. How does one stitch cost $500?"  Matt Apuzzo at The Associated Press declared, "Give @nytrosenthal the Pulitzer for explanatory journalism. Her series on health care costs has been awesome." BI's Joe Weisenthal noticed something else, though: "Someone named Chelsea Manning in the NYT story about the high cost of simple procedures." Hmm.

Chris Geidner with Buzzfeed shares with us the depressingly dubbed listicle 13 times the Reagan White House press briefing erupted with laughter over AIDS. There was a Tumblr post passed around, too, which caused Alex Roarty to observe, "Not much could make the early 80s White House comms team/reporters covering the president look worse." Mike Conneen at ABC 7 Washington, D.C. reacted, "Yikes. Hard to read." Meanwhile, Huffington Post's Sam Stein was amazed that "[t]his was only 30 years ago." How swiftly we forget.

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