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Dec 04, 2013

Read the ominously titled The Death Dealer from Matt Stroud in The Verge. Laura June there wrote, “Our feature on James Arthur Ray is a crazy crazy crazy read.” Colleague Carl Franzen learned that “Self-help kills.” Adrianne Jeffries also at Verge added, “So Piers Morgan and negligent homicide convict James Arthur Ray have the same agent.”

In New York Magazine, Jonathan Chait wrote 12 Years a Slave and the Obama Era. Jonathan Cohn at The New Republic said, “One of the best things @jonathanchait has ever written -- and that's saying something.” Justin Miller from Daily Beast explained, “Barack Obama as Solomon Northrup.” Eden Godbee at 11Alive News Atlanta called it, “An almost profound article written by a Quin Hillyer apologist.”

USA Today writes THE UNTOLD STORY OF AMERICA’S MASS KILLINGS. Freelancer Meredith Broussard called it, “Behind the bloodshed.” Andre Picard from Globe and Mail explained, “1/3 of mass killing victims are children.” Julie Moos from McClatchy tweeted: “@bynickdean @chenkx Maybe we need to redefine ‘long-form’ by time instead of # of words. This is in depth & shareable.”

For more sad reading, sit down with The Things You'll Miss from Derek Thompson in The Atlantic. Scott Stossel there said, “In case you missed this yesterday, @DKThomp's essay on grief is illuminating & powerful (& funny, too).” Miriam Gottfried at the Wall Street Journal wrote, “As someone who lost her own Jewish mother suddenly & too soon in Jan., I found this piece by @dkthomp true & moving.” Tim Catts from Bloomberg News said, “Courage & truth from @DKThomp: ‘Having time to watch a loved one die is a gift that takes more than it gives.’” Joe Weisenthal at Business Insider shared, “.@dkthomp's story about the death of his mother and the nature of grief is the best thing I've read in ages.”

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