Money matters

Murray Weiss at DNA Info found out that Ray Kelly will Get a 10-Officer Detail When He Leaves, Costing Taxpayers $1.5M. James Fanelli there wondered, “Does it cost this much to guard an ex-president?” Erin McCarthy at the Wall Street Journal called it: “Well this is bonkos.” David Weiner at Digg wrote, “Love him or hate him, Ray Kelly is an asshole for this.”

And from the New York Times, John Markoff tells us that Google Puts Money on Robots, Using the Man Behind Android. Ian Sherr at the Wall Street Journal said, “Skynet? No, it's the former head of Google's Android project running the company's robotics efforts.” Jessica Ramirez at Fusion wrote, “In the last half-year, Google has acquired seven tech companies in an effort to create a new generation of robots.” Tony Romm with Politico added, “NYT read on Google's robot moonshot is one part news, 10 parts reality check on tech set.”

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