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Dec 04, 2013

Tim Brannigan posted the photos at left with the caption: “You're a female journalist in Iran? Allow me to show you to your seat.” He apparently really summed it all up, because of all the retweets, no one had anything to add.

Elsewhere in journalism, we learned that Newsweek Plans Return to Print, thanks to Christine Haughney at the New York Times. Sanette Tanaka at the Wall Street Journal said, “Newsweek print edition is being revived, running a 64-page weekly edition in January or February.” Jackie Kostek from DNAinfo Chicago explained, “After ceasing print publication last yr, @Newsweek says it will begin printing a weekly 64-page ‘boutique’ mag soon.” Chris Krewson at The Hollywood Reporter was less impressed, “Oh hey look, Newsweek wants to be the Economist again. That worked before, right?”

And speaking of new things, David Wessel writes in the Wall Street Journal: New Brookings Center to Study Clash Between Fiscal and Monetary Policy. He also tweeted, “Some news: I'm going to run Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy @ Brookings, will still contribute to WSJ.” Reddy added, “@davidmwessel, a @WSJ institution, is heading to @BrookingsInst to launch a center on fiscal and monetary policy.” Ben Casselman at the Wall Street Journal wrote, “Congrats to @davidmwessel on his new gig at Brookings. And glad to see he'll be keeping a toe in the water at @WSJ.

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