A bundle of bad news

This morning we awoke to some of the harshest headlines imaginable. In a tragedy that hits too close to home for any journalist, The Daily Star in Lebanon reports that the Islamic State of Iraq jihadist group have kidnapped and executed a freelance Iraqi cameraman in Syria. Journalist Dalia Hatuqa responded, "This is f**king horrible." We are at a loss for any words to that accurate summation.

One continent but just a few countries over, gunmen have killed an American in Libya's Benghazi, Reuters reports. Margarita Noriega there simply but powerfully added, "A teacher." Salena Zito with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review had a bit more to say: "Lawless country spinning out of control."

In other disquieting developments, Reuters also reveals that Thailand, the supposed land of a thousand smiles, has been secretly selling Myanmar refugees into human trafficking rings under the guise of deportation. Deepa Babington there describes it as "A chilling, must-read special report." At Globe and Mail, Stephanie Nolen wondered, "Why does this story get little traction?"


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