Odds and ends

James Ashton writes in the Standard: My son died. Today it’s been a whole year and I still can’t think of three sadder words. Warning: it will break your heart. Simon Read at the Independent explained, “Oscar, son of @mrjamesashton died a year ago today. Here's his very moving tribute.” Archie Bland also at the Independent added, “Deeply moving piece by @mrjamesashton about his son, Oscar, and the book prize being launched in his honour.”

There will surely be lots of people attending the various memorials to mourn Nelson Mandela. For reference, here is Confirmation of foreign Heads of State and Government attending activities relating to Former President Mandela's passing from South Africa. Lydia Polgreen at the New York Times wrote, “An updated list of heads of state coming to Mandela’s funeral. It will be quite a gathering!” Mandy Wiener from Eyewitness News agreed, “What a list!”

What if there was a football game and nobody went? Dan Steinberg presents just that quandary with this photo from Sunday’s Chiefs/Redskins game. Brian Manzullo at the Detroit Free Press said, “Yeah, that's embarrassing.” Tom Mantzouranis at Sports Illustrated figured, “Dan Snyder fired the fans, too.” Chris Long with KSTP Channel 5 said, “Unthinkable that one of the most passionate fanbases in the NFL has come to this.” Rick Tillery with KTVL News Channel 10 admitted, “I have never seen that before. Ever. Sad.”

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