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Dec 09, 2013

The tale behind today’s most-popular story is a complex one so bear with us. First, there’s the matter of how #nytguesses came to be - it’s due to Carolyn Ryan’s teaser tweet: “There's a very unusual, groundbreaking NYT story coming 2nite.I can't say too much but it'll make u rethink- well, I should stop.Stay tuned.”  

Turns out, that story was Invisible Child: Dasani’s Homeless Life, which begins: “There are more than 22,000 homeless children in New York, the highest number since the Great Depression. This is one of their stories.” Andre Tartar at Bloomberg News wrote, “Working thru @NYT's massive child-poverty story. Dasani's life-as-video-game (title: ‘Live or Die’) esp. harrowing.” Dylan Scott from Talking Points Memo said, “It's gonna take forever to read the whole thing, but this NYT series seems as good as@carolynryan said it was.” Even new mayor  Bill de Blasio tweeted about it to say: “Moving @nytimes piece on 1 of 22,000+ homeless children in NY—a painful symptom of NYC’s severe inequality crisis.”

The story of the story didn’t end there though. Soon, some weirdness came about when the Las Vegas Sun published their own version of the story (GIRL IN THE SHADOWS: DASANI’S HOMELESS LIFE), then took it down and apologized. But, Jon Ralston of Ralston Reports explained: “Even though @LasVegasSun apologized for premature posting of NYT story, it's still up. Twice.” Ryan Gorman from the Daily Mail chimed in with: “The Sun has apologized and said they pulled the story (h/t @RalstonReports) but it's still up.” Matt Fuller from Roll Call tweeted: “Two pieces of advice for the NYT on this, uh, NYT piece: Don't make the optional trim, and watch your style on ‘OK.’”

Dylan Byers at Politico jumped on the situation and wrote about how The New York Times scooped itself. Freelancer Gregg Carlstrom tweeted from the story: "The New York Times had a 'groundbreaking' story, and the Las Vegas Sun published it first.” Mathew Ingram at GigaOM put the whole thing into a bit of perspective for us: “I think this whole ‘NYT scooped itself’ thing with the homeless story is mostly a lot of irrelevant insider noise.”

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