Featured journalist: Amy Silverstein

Today's featured journalist is the ever-entertaining Amy Silverstein with the Dallas Observer. Covering a host of topics that include the arts, politics, crime and justice, and transportation, Silverstein writes about each subject with a wry and engaging style that's sure to draw readers in every time. You may also recognizer her byline from articles published in the New York Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Mother Jones, LA Weekly, GlobalPost, and Capital New York. Her accolades include the Los Angeles Press Club Award as well as receiving the distinction of being a finalist for the Livingston Award.

Take a look at her portfolio, where you'll find frank posts like "No Fun Allowed: It's Damn Hard to Legally Host Live Music in L.A." as well as the timely "These Christmas Songs Are Not Actually About Christmas." Keep tellin' it like it is, Amy.

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