Question of the Day

Friday’s Question of the Day asked … Freelance cameramen who had worked during which revolution eventually formed London’s Frontline Club in 2003? The answer we were looking for was the Romanian revolution

Congrats to the inimitable environmental reporter Craig Pittman o' the Tampa Bay Times for being the first reader to tweet in correctly! Laurels also go out to freelance journalist Rashmee Roshan LallEdward Tenner, @.l.interpretations, and Karen P. Graham for getting it right!

If the wording of the question was confusing, we apologize, because Vaughan Smith is indeed credited with founding Frontline Club in '03, so we also accept that as an answer, and congratulate Rachel Roh and Amy Zipkin for knowing that!

Your question of the day for today is … Which Pulitzer-winning muckraker/newspaper columnist was once a Mormon missionary?  

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