Christmas come early

Twitter announced that you can now send photos in direct messages and swipe between timelines. Pablo Pereira at Fox LA wrote “Let the Fun Begin!” Ivan Lajara at The Daily Freeman thought ahead, “Get ready for embarrassing and inadvertent public pics that were meant as private.” Chris Salmon from the Guardian added: “Celebrity/fan DM pic misadventures coming soon to tabloids near you.”

There’s also a report that NSA uses Google cookies to pinpoint targets for hacking, thanks to Barton Gellman and Andrea Peterson in the Washington Post. Andrea wrote, “ICYMI: NSA caught with its hand in the Google cookie jar.” Ron Charles there wrote, “Today's revelation about our own government spying on us everywhere, always.” Erin Cauchi at Al Jazeera English said, “Okay dad, you told me so.” Anne Cronin at Politico added, “Add advertisers to list of groups looking to rein in NSA.”

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