‘I beat Miley’

Congrats to the Pope for being TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year 2013, as introduced to the web by Nancy Gibbs. For an in-depth look, read Elizabeth Dias’s story about Pope Francis here. Sam Gustin there called it a “Masterful piece by a true @TIME legend @hchuaeoan. ‘The papacy is mysterious and magical.’” Yaffa Fredrick at World Policy Journal tweeted: “.@ForWardist Your homeboy is on the front cover!” Heidi Moore from the Guardian wrote, “Not Snowden? Bizarre.” Karl Vick at Time Magazine pointed out: “The debate over Snowden v. Francis is debate over what happens Outside v. what happens Inside.” Brian Fitzgerald with the Wall Street Journal tweeted from the story: "The new Pope broke with tradition ... asking people to pray for him." William Watts at MarketWatch had another thought: “Maybe in 2014, Miley.”

Michael Scherer wrote the profile on Runner-Up: Edward Snowden, The Dark Prophet. He tweeted: “Just want to say, I hope people read my entire Snowden story. That is all.” TIME pointed out: “Exclusive interview with Edward Snowden, #2 on TIME’s Person of the Year shortlist.” Poynter added: “Why Snowden let journalists decide what to publish: ‘I recognize I have clear biases influencing my judgment.’”

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