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An absolutely stellar if deeply discomfiting masterpiece of reporting comes to us today from The Wall Street Journal, where they've exposed how lobotomy substituted as "psychiatric care" for World War II veterans by the American government. WSJ's Jess Bravin called it "Masterful reporting by my colleague Mike Phillips: Forgotten documents reveal government lobotomy of U.S. troops." Freelance journalist Steve Silberman detailed, "In 3 yrs alone, VA lobotomized 1464 veterans for "mental illness," including homosexuality." Also at the WSJ, Adam Najberg concluded, "This is a highly disturbing story ..." "'They just wanted to ruin my head,'" Almar Latour at Dow Jones Newswires quoted from the story. Kelly Chen with the Center for Investigative Reporting seemed especially gobsmacked: "WHUT?! 'Even the [VA] says it possesses no records detailing the creation and breadth of its lobotomy program.'" Chen later shared this detail: "'Often, however, the [lobotomy] left [vets] little more than overgrown children, unable to care for themselves.'"

Fresh off the presses, The Verge posits that the NSA is out of control and must be stopped. Jack Shafer at Reuters quotes from the piece: "Congress has shown it cares more about baseball players lying about steroids than the NSA lying about spying."

Elsewhere in government, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) wasted no time taking a shot at the new bipartisan budget deal from Sen. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), and so Ryan wasted no time returning the favor. "Ryan to Rubio: 'Read the bill and get back to me,'" coauthor Washington Post's Aaron Blake summed it up. WaPo's Chris Cillizza put it even more simply: "Smack. Down." 

Meanwhile, former president George W. Bush had far gentler words for Alabama kicker Cade Foster after the Auburn game. "Life has its setbacks. I know! However, you will be a stronger human with time. I wish you all the best." In response, Brian Curtis with NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth asked, "How cool is this?" "Class act - very cool," was the nod from David Henderson at NBC Miami.

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