More memorial musings

As much as we dislike focusing on arguably frivolous details from His Excellency Nelson Mandela's memorial, we can't ignore two topics that are still trending today: first of all, there's new information on that bogus sign language interpreter, and it's some cause for alarm. Amy Nelson with the Pioneer Press filled in some details: "Now even weirder. Interpreter at Mandela event: I was hallucinating." Globe and Mail's Geoffrey York elaborated with quotes: "'Sometimes I react violent ... I see things that chase me' -- interpreter who stood beside Obama." York later wondered, "[H]ow will ANC government explain to world leaders that it assigned a mentally disturbed violent man to stand by them?" Wall Street Journal's Patrick McGroarty's tweets seemed to indicate the same disbelief: "Fake signer at #Mandela memorial is schizophrenic, sometimes violent. Stood feet away from Obama and others on Tues."

Nicholas Kulish and John Eligon with the New York Times also had that storyAnand Giridharadas there asked, "Is this the closest an unhinged, hallucinating, and historically violent man has gotten to a POTUS?" Not missing a beat, National Post's Bruce Arthur responded, "Cheney?"

And because apparently we haven't dissected that infamous "selfie" to death yet, here's more analysis on the story behind that while the AP's Santiago Lyon penned a piece for the New York Times blaming the whole fiasco on Obama’s Orwellian image control. "Why press access matters in government. By the @AP director of photography, @slyon66," tweeted colleague Ted Anthony.

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