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Dec 16, 2013

David Carr writes in the New York Times that AOL Chief’s White Whale Finally Slips His Grasp. Jon Chesto from the Boston Business Journal said, “What went wrong at Patch? @carr2n takes a closer look at Tim Armstrong's ‘white whale.’” Lee Schafer at the Minneapolis StarTribune wrote, “Good NYTimes @carr2n look at AOL Patch, the local news effort that didn't quite make money.” Freelancer David Sheets explained, “Patch is ‘moving toward’ profitability in a manner only Tim Armstrong can see.”

For the rare bit of media good news, the Times reports that NPR Got $17 Million in Grants to Expand Coverage and Develop Digital Platform. Judy Walgren at the San Francisco Chronicle admitted, “I am dying to write grants for things like this but there is never enough time in the day!!!” Chuck Holmes at NPR reminded, “Great news for @nprnews, but local public radio stations still need your support!” Alex Howard tweeted: “@ClaraJeffery Still finding buzz about ‘hyperlocal’ & news. Tough to do. Google Play & NPR may automate some of it.” Anjanette Delgado at Journal News wondered, “What's going to be in @NPR's new $10 million mobile app.”

Back to the bad news, Joe Pompeo at Capital New York tackles The 'Times Magazine' problem. Tom McGeveran there tweeted, “From @mbradylynch and @joepompeo, a deep dive on the NYT Mag editor search, and its existential dilemma.” Michael Calderone at the Huffington Post wrote, “NYT Mag editor search likely to last into 2014 -- @jodikantor, @nxthompson not pursuing the job.” Dylan Byers at Politico rounded it up, “So Lauren Kern and Joel Lovell in running for @NYTmag … anyone else?” Joshua Benton at Nieman Lab tweeted from the story that the mag is: "a sort of edgy Vogue for grad students.” Gintautas Dumcius with The Dorchester Reporter wondered, “Does NYT really need to have a magazine? (Worth asking same question of Boston Globe magazine, too.)”

Richard Johnson reports in Page Six that CBS newsman Miller will rejoin Bill Bratton at NYPD. Steve Bennish at Dayton Daily News said, “After big NSA blowout on 60 Min., Miller headed for NYPD.” Heidi Moore with the Guardian wrote “So yesterday's 60 Minutes was one long job application by journalist to be New York's counterterrorism czar.” Ryan Lizza at CNN agreed: “If this is true, how in the world did 60 Minutes not disclose it last night?” Michael Calderone from Huffington Post pointed out: “CBS's John Miller told me Thurs no 'formal offer' to NYPD: Richard Johnson says he's rejoining.” Dylan Scott with Talking Points Memo had no words: “Man, ‘60 Minutes’. Just… man.”

If it all gets to be too much around these internet parts, maybe we can make like North Korea, who, In a 1984 moment, deleted the near entirety of its news archives. David Johnson at Al Jazeera America called it “Down the memory hole.” Barbara Demick at the LA Times put it another way: “purging history as well as people.” Max Fisher with the Washington Post tried to find the bright side: “Maybe KCNA got bought by Bezos and this is just step one of the redesign?” John Hudson with Foreign Policy Magazine added: “Oh God. N. Korea's amazing propaganda outlet just deleted all its archives. Did anyone save those gems for posterity?”

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