Media mash-up

First up, David Brooks at the New York Times penned a provocative piece enticingly titled "The Thought Leader." "This is a heck of a column from @nytdavidbrooks," reflected Phil Rosenthal at the Chicago Tribune. It's stirred up some controversy, so Garrett Quinn at the Springfield Republican pleaded, "Guys, I don't hate the new David Brooks column. Can we still be friends?"

Buzzfeed also entertained us with an amusing and probably accurate post on how the media will report the apocalypse. "Hey look, a @BuzzFeed article that is funny, clever and not full of gifs," Wyoming Tribune Eagle's Trevor Brown pointed out.

Meanwhile, we've learned that CBS correspondent John Miller is leaving the network ... for the NYPD. Miller is expected to make a deal this week on his existing contract to return to former boss and incoming NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton. "I just don't have the words for this," reacted Alex Fitzpatrick at Time Magazine.

In social media, you might have known it was coming, and here it is: Facebook is beginning to advertise via video.

And on the subject of the world's newest and most elusive currency, Ritchie King at Quartz informs us that by reading this page, you are mining bitcoins

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