A man called Mitt

The big deal today is Netflix’s Official Trailer for MITT, their original documentary. Michael Bolen at Huffington Post said, “The Netflix doc on Mitt Romney looks nothing short of fascinating.” Bryan Graham at Sports Illustrated said, “The trailer for Netflix's Mitt Romney documentary starts with the moment he realized he'd lost.” Freelancer John Surico called it, “More robotic than Random Access Memories.”

Ethan Klapper at Huffington Post made this amazing gif and urged: “Watch as Mitt Romney irons the shirt he's wearing.” Niraj Chokshi at the Washington Post figured out: “When you’re worth millions, you can afford new arms.” David Waldman at Daily Kos and Congress Matters said, “This one isn't as bad-ass as the one where he cuts out his damaged eyeball with an X-acto knife, but still funny.” Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post only had this to say: “Holy amazing.”

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