End of the year media chatter

As much as we all love journalism, we love the year-end roundups it brings even more. In that vain, Businessweek's 2013 Jealousy List includes The Best Stories We [They] Didn't Write. Josh Tyrangiel there called, “A year's worth of @BW's seething resentment laid bare in a single post.”

Craig Silverman at Poynter made a list of his own: The best and worst media errors and corrections in 2013. Maureen Groppe at Gannett said what we were all thinking: “Phew! I'm not listed here.” Anna North at BuzzFeed quoted the story: "The Carlos Danger Name for Anthony Weiner is Carlos Danger." Cardiff Garcia at the Financial Times called it, “Lots of fun.”

For more shop talking, read the Boston Globe column that explains: The sports columnist’s mission is to write, not to root. Meghan E. Irons there Boston Globe wrote, “Fantastic column by Shaughnessy. Tell the story. Your sports columnist is here to write, not to root.” Jake Heller at the Daily Beast tweeted from the story: "Are we supposed to suspend all rules of journalism because we cover sports?" Graham Couch with the Lansing State Journal added, “As Shaughnessy mentions, the internet has produced a new generation of fan media.”

In BuzzFeed, read How The Media Will Report The Apocalypse. Shreeya Sinha at the New York Times called it, “Pure gold.” Garret M. Ellison with the Grand Rapids Press said it’s “#awesome.” Hiawatha Bray at the Boston Globe said it’s the “Funniest #Buzzfeed ever.”  Matt Pearce at the LA Times had other thoughts: “I wonder if this project was BuzzFeed's award-bait?”

And there’s news that The New AllThingsD Has Hired Ken Li As Managing Editor according to Jay Yarow at Business Insider. Edmund Lee at Bloomberg News said, “Less funny for media reporters: the addition of @kenli729 to a staff that already includes @pkafka.” Poornima Gupta at Reuters tweeted: “Big Congrats @kenli729.” Robert MacMillan at Reuters wrote, “To know him is to love him.” Jared Keller from Al Jazeera America put it succinctly, “Hell yes.”

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