Featured journalist: Jason Abbruzzese

Today's featured journalist is none other than Jason Abbruzzese, the newly minted media reporter for Mashable. A proud alumni of Boston University (and therefore also its independent student newspaper, the Daily Free Press), as well as the Australian National University, you'll know Abbruzzese's name for his previous work at the Financial Times where he covered the US equity market and worked as a web editor. A self-labeled "recovering classical pianist," he confesses that he nevertheless is "a surprisingly sloppy typer." We hear you on that, Jason.

His best advice to journalists is simply, "Learn by doing." When asked how social media is changing journalism, he replies, "A story that previously might have evolved over days, weeks or months now takes hours thanks to social media." As for his favorite fictional journalist? "Hunter Thompson, because I'm not convinced he was entirely real."

For a sample of Abbruzzese's work, check out his Muck Rack portfolio here. Congrats again on your new job, Jason!

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