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In a post that pulls no punches, Lexington Herald-Leader's Sam Youngman penned a scathing diatribe of Washington media for Politico called "Take This Town and Shove It." Roll Call's Steve Peoples reflected, "Wow. My friend @samyoungman aka Cupcake rightfully tells Washington to shove it. (And way overshares)." Guardian's Heidi Moore tweeted, "This is amazing. My dislike of DC Twitter is vindicated by…DC Twitter." At PoliticoBen White mused, "This @samyoungman piece reminds me of some early DC years. Also wondering if we ever fought on Twitter? Hope not!" Freelance journalist Kenneth Rosen dubbed it, "Worth it for the kicker." National Journal's Brian Resnick, however, had a different take: "Guys, stop being so insidery … says Politico?"

From Businessweek comes their 2013 Jealousy List: "The Best Stories We Didn't Write." Alexander C. Kaufman for International Business Times tweeted, "Props to @BW for the annual list of stories they wish they wrote. More publications should consider doing that."

Also, did you guys know this was a thing? David Guttenfelder was just named TIME’s pick for "Instagram Photographer of the Year." Lindsey Christ at NY1 pointed out, "With a year of Instagrams from North Korea, @dguttenfelder artfully 'chips beneath the pariah state’s absurd façade.'"

And then there was this twitpic, captioned, "Look who's dead!!" Bruce Arthur at the National Post observed, "India's having a rough month."

And speaking of twitpics, this one trending among journalists is captioned simply "Ouch." Or as Justin Karp at ABC7News renamed it, "FACE!"

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