Security breaches abound

In disturbing news that hits close to home, The Washington Post reports on its own misfortune: how hackers broke into their servers. Despite of that disconcerting revelation, though, many journalist reactions appeared to lean more "jocular" than "concerned." Reporter J duLac there quipped, "Hey, hackers, can you finish that B-matter file for me?" Colleague Brian Fung had this takeaway from the news: "We use Mandiant too? Interesting — I didn’t know that." Meanwhile, Tony Romm at Politico reflected, "cant tell from wapo story if hackers based in china are responsible, or if, as craig writes, it's still 'suspicions.'

In another security breach, Target has confirmed unauthorized access to payment card data in U.S. storesDavid Nelson at KWQC shared this detail "Potentially 40 mill. cards breached," while Jeff Glor at CBS News shared this retweet: "Target statement on credit card breach ... Trust of our guests is top priority; we regret any inconvenience." Mike Inouye with NBC Bay Area cautioned, "Charge it at Target? Heads up."

And if that didn't unnerve you, consider this: research shows how MacBook Webcams can spy on their users without warning ... Wait, what? "Holy cow," New York TimesLaura Holson exclaimed. "Must-read for all who tease me for the purple tape over my laptop camera when I'm not using it," freelance journalist Adrienne LaFrance tweeted in triumph. Then there was this reaction from MSNBC's Benjy Sarlin: "*Throws MacBook out window* *Moves into cave* *Never leaves*."

And for one final note on spying, President Barack Obama met with a five-member Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies and they recommended that the NSA shouldn’t keep phone database. "White House abt to release review of #NSA. WashPo reporting it proposes 40+ 'sweeping' reforms," shared Alan Rusbridger at The Guardian. "This should get more Cong Ds to come out and pressure admin to scale back NSA surveillance," predicted political blogger Greg Sargent.

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