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If that isn’t enough media talk, fit in Sam Youngman Is This Town by Jonathan Chait in the Daily Intelligencer. Ben Dreyfuss at Mother Jones quoted the story: “‘I Moved to Kentucky to Get Away From Bourbon' would be a strange basis for a confessional essay.” Irin Carmon at MSNBC shared another: "Working-class friends or relatives can be flaunted, so as to absorb their regularness vicariously." Eddie Scarry with The Blaze wrote, “Sam Youngman's piece was good. But so is this interpretation of it.” Amanda Becker at Reuters said, “Yes. ‘Under the guise of renouncing everything about insider Washington media culture, it actually embodies it.’” Kirsten Salyer with Bloomberg Businessweek had a suggestion: “Hey @jonathanchait, you should give your caption writer a raise.”

For another take on Youngman’s story, the Washington Post’s Juliet Eilperin explains: If you’re a self-loathing Washington journalist, you’re doing it wrong. Zachary Colman from the Washington Examiner called this a “Good rebuttal to Sam Youngman's essay by @eilperin.” Freelancer Miranda Green said it’s “Defending the often maligned Dc journalist.”

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