Featured journalist: Peggy Hernández

Dec 20, 2013

Today's featured journalist is Peggy Hernández, a contributing reporter with The Boston Globe covering the Arts and Entertainment, Travel, Food and Dining, and, of course, Metro Boston beats. A self-professed "food journalista who loves indie music, travel, friends, eating," she writes that the ranking order of thise interests "varies on day [and] mood!")

She embarked on her journalistic path while writing up "Cook of the Week" for a newspaper in Salinas, California -- but she tried even earlier to break into the industry. "My high school didn't have a student newspaper so I submitted my writing - movie reviews - to the local paper. They declined nicely." She didn't give up, though. "I love learning new things, unwinding details & sharing that info w/ people to help them become better informed," she writes. That's why in Hernández's opinion being a journalist means, "Go out & inform by providing: clarity, due diligence in reporting + expeditious turnaround, whatever the topic, to be of service."

To aspiring journalists, she had this to say: "Accuracy can never be over-rated. Always tell source you may call back to verify info. Even the little things can bite you." When asked about her proudest work, she responds, "Am proud of 2 series when I covered Boston Public Schools: the appalling Hispanic failure rates; editorials on school committee incompetence." For additional noteworthy samplings of her writing, be sure to check out her Muck Rack portfolio.

Oh, and for any PR folks interesting in pitching her, she says "any time" is fine. "I might not answer right away because 1) I'm assessing the story value; 2) pitching it to my editor; 3) walking the dog," she explains.

Remember: If you also want to be featured here, you should 1) set up your own journalist portfolio 2) get verified and 3) let us know by emailing Kirsten.

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