Christmas in Washington

Perhaps as a gift to the uninsured masses in our country, the Washington Post found out that the Obama administration secretly extended its health-care enrollment deadline. Shawna Thomas at NBC News pointed out, “Looks like WaPo reported the deadline extension first.” Dan Gorenstein from American Public Media said, “@CMSGov yet to confirm that #ACA signup deadline has been extended by 24 hours.” Felice Freyer at the Providence Journal added, “Jeez Louise! (In RI, deadline is 12/31.)”

Elsewhere in the capital, Rep. Steve Stockman got in on the whole internet thing with this gift to Twitter: his own doge photo. It's captioned “wow. such obamacare funding. oppose ted cruz” and it's ridiculous. Johanna Barr at the Huffington Post responded in kind, “wow. bad doge. such sad.” Colin Jones at MSNBC declared, “Doge is done.” Kiah Lau Haslett from SNL Financial replied, “OH NO DON'T KILL DOGE.” Andrew Kaczynski at BuzzFeed summed this madness up: “I don't really know what doge is but based upon this & this I know its shark's been jumped.”

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