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Dec 23, 2013

Jeff Bercovici at Forbes gives us his take on Justine Sacco And The Self-Inflicted Perils Of Twitter. Freelancer John McQuaid said, “.@jeffbercovici, a friend of Justine Sacco’s, offers some perspective on the Twitter storm.” Margo Howard added, “In which a pal sticks up for the flak who got fired for AIDS/white people remark. See? We DO need an irony font…”

For a truly bizarre turn, Nick de Semlyen tweeted: “In case you missed it, this is apparently the Italian poster for 12 Years A Slave.” Jessica Valenti with The Nation wrote back, “WTF.” Jody Rosen called it a “Bait & switch.” Will Leitch at USA Today thinks it, “Sums up the movie perfectly.” Jordan Zakarin at BuzzFeed agreed, “This weirdly, sadly conveys the film's message.”

For one last bit of news you can probably bring up at dinner with your family this week, check out Max Abelson and Zeke Faux’s tale of the Secret Handshakes Greeting Frat Brothers on Wall Street in Bloomberg. Danielle Ivory at the New York Times called it “An Animal House pipeline to Wall Street.” Nisha Chittal Social at MSNBC explained, “Frat bros on Wall St continue to keep Wall St an old boys club.” Megan Murphy at the Financial Times tweeted: “Can anyone say #Deke? Bloomberg on how Wall Street run by frat brothers (shock surprise).” Pedro da Costa at the Wall Street Journal added, “Stocks for jocks: College fraternity ties play crucial role in helping students score a job on Wall Street.”


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