Talking about the holidays

Holiday shopping is hard on everyone but at Business Insider, read the story of Bloomberg's Miller Getting His Bitcoin Gift Stolen. Joe Weisenthal there wrote, “This story is hilarious @jbarro: Haha @mattmiller1973 showed the QR code for his Bitcoin private key on Bloomberg TV and a viewer stole $20 from him.” Danielle Ivory at the New York Times explained, “A Bloomberg reporter gets mugged, electronically. (But everyone is happy at the end.)”

Turning to that other seasonal evil, holiday travel, Jad Mouawad at the New York Times writes that On Jammed Jets, Sardines Turn on One Another. Christopher Flavelle at Bloomberg News said, “I don't mind @SpiritAirlines cramming 178 seats into a plane built for 150. I object to the claim passengers like it.” Nolan Hicks with the San Antonio Express-News added, “If the airlines keep this up, the next passenger rights bill may well include minimum legroom standards.”

For some seasonal fun, turn to NPR where David Sedaris Reads From His 'Santaland Diaries'. NPR News called it, “An NPR holiday season tradition.” Jill Rosen at the Baltimore Sun said, “It never gets stale.” Don Gonyea at NPR added, “Always makes me wish Billie Holiday had made that Christmas album.” Us too, Dan. Us too.

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