These journalists will be at #CES2014. Are you following them yet?

These journalists will be at #CES2014. Are you following them yet?

Making the trip to Las Vegas for this year's CES or tuning into the action from afar? Don't miss a beat by following the journalists dishing on the latest and greatest tech tools and toys straight from the streets of Sin City.

Nick Bilton - Lead Technology Writer, Bits Blog, New York Times

I have to do CES in 2014. Having never been before, I'm imagining a Skymall catalog made of animated gifs exploded in front of a strip club.

— Nick Bilton (@nickbilton) December 20, 2013

Mat Honan - Senior Writer, Wired

Who is going to join me for Pai Gow at CES?

— màt (@mat) December 12, 2013

Steven Leckart - Correspondent, Wired

I'm in Las Vegas. Can't wait for CES.

— steven leckart (@StevenLeckart) December 14, 2013

Wayne Cunningham - Car Tech Editor, CNET

Beginning to calendarize and organize my CES appointments.

— Wayne Cunningham (@way4ne) December 18, 2013

Edgar Alvarez - Associate Editor, Engadget

Just booked my CES flights. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? #CES2014

— Edgar Alvarez (@abcdedgar) October 18, 2013

Dan Grabham - Deputy Editor, TechRadar

So after a year of knowing it was pretty much guaranteed I wasn't going to CES....I am now going to CES.

— Dan Grabham (@dangrabham) December 4, 2013

Scott Lowe - Executive Editor, IGN

Flights for CES booked. My liver just shrunk six sizes at the thought of it. Anyone else going?

— Scott Lowe (@ScottLowe) December 5, 2013

Mike Snider - Tech and Entertainment Reporter, USA Today

Yep. Sounds good! RT @ORIGINPCCEO: @MikeSnider Are you going to be at CES? I have something to show you!

— Mike Snider (@MikeSnider) November 18, 2013

Chris Ziegler - Deputy Managing Editor, The Verge

I have reason to believe this coming CES is going to be, as the kids say, "off the chain"

— Chris Ziegler (@zpower) December 13, 2013

Ed Bott - Blogger, ZDNet

I'm going to CES in January. Hope I don't get a cold! HA HA, just kidding, I'm ... wait.

— Ed Bott (@edbott) December 20, 2013

Andrea Chang - Technology Reporter, LA Times 

Apparently the World Series of Beer Pong will be going on while we're at CES. @obrien and @sal19, should we form a team? cc @Paeday

— Andrea Chang (@byandreachang) December 10, 2013

Andrew Cunningham - Writer, Ars Technica

So who’s going to CES? Historically I have been bad at hobnobbing with other journos at these things but I would like to be more sociable.

— Andrew Cunningham (@AndrewWrites) December 17, 2013

John Brandon - Freelance

Hey, if we've worked together a fair bit, let me know what you have going on at CES -- starting to think about my schedule

— John Brandon (@jmbrandonbb) November 4, 2013

David Gilbert - Technology Editor, International Business Times

Just got invited to a #WWE press event at CES hosted by Vince McMahon. Finally a reason to look forward to going to Vegas….

— David Gilbert (@daithaigilbert) December 4, 2013

Tony Romm - Technology Reporter, Politico

finally booked for CES, btw, so expect a lot of yelling about tech policy in like a month. and also lemme know if you're going.

— Tony Romm (@TonyRomm) December 16, 2013

Rory Cellan-Jones - Technology Correspondent, BBC

This morning's PR email: "I noticed your planning to attend the 2014 CES show," #prgrammarfail

— Rory Cellan-Jones (@ruskin147) December 20, 2013

Susie Ochs - Senior Editor, TechHive

I’ll be there, man. “@strngwys: Attention CES journalists: Hit me up for CES 2014 Karaoke details. All the singing will happen.”

— Susie Ochs (@sfsooz) December 17, 2013

Peter Pachal - Technology Editor, Mashable

You know I'll be there. Mashable To Host MashBash at CES in Las Vegas via @mashable

— Pete Pachal (@petepachal) November 20, 2013

Nicole Lee - Associate Editor, Engadget

I'm going to CES. This means I'm considering getting a Mophie Juice Pack. Yay/Nay?

— Nicole Lee (@nicole) December 29, 2013

Adrianne Jeffries - Reporter, The Verge

Going to CES? Email me if you want to meet up:

— Adrianne Jeffries (@adrjeffries) December 31, 2013

T.C. Sottek - News Editor, The Verge

I'm going to play the most dangerous game before I fly to CES. People hunting:

— ♔ T.C. ♔ (@LaughingStoic) January 2, 2014

Chris Ciaccia - Tech Editor, The Street

The best thing I can expect about going to CES next week? I can hopefully walk off the 5 lbs I gained over the holidays #fat

— Chris Ciaccia (@Chris_Ciaccia) January 2, 2014

Matt Hickey - Contributor, Forbes

Who else is going to CES this year? We need a show of hands.

— ʎǝʞɔıɥ ʇʇɐɯ (@matthickey) January 2, 2014

Micah Singleton - Editor-in-Chief, CE: The Magazine

Okay, who is going to CES next week?

— Micah Singleton (@MicahSingleton) January 2, 2014

Joanna Stern - Technolgy Columnist, The Wall Street Journal

Breaking: @joannastern is going to CES

— Joanna Stern (@JoannaStern) January 3, 2014

Dana Wollman - Managing Editor, Engadget

Going straight from CES to a wedding. I bet I'm the only one of y'all who packed stilettos and an Armani handbag.

— Dana Wollman (@DanaWollman) January 3, 2014

Wilson Rothman - Personal Tech Editor, The Wall Street Journal

My favorite thing at #ces2014 so far: Parrot's tiny, twitchy, borderline creepy new robots:

— Wilson Rothman (@wjrothman) January 6, 2014

Geoffrey Fowler, Personal Technology Columnist, The Wall Street Journal

Having covered #CES2014 and 3 Olympic Games, I can say that the Olympians are superior in big-event coordination. But CES has better snacks.

— Geoffrey Fowler (@geoffreyfowler) January 6, 2014

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