Featured journalist: Marc Burleigh

Today's featured journalist is Marc Burleigh of the Agence France-Presse, the French news agency that's also the oldest one in the world, and one of the three largest. Burleigh is a writer, video-journalist and photographer based in Paris -- a veteran foreign correspondent and on-air TV reporter. 

But Burleigh became a journalist "[t]o observe, really observe, the life going on around us, and to not take any custom or rule or declaration for granted." When asked what it means to be a journalist, he responds, "Certainly to get to the truth. Then to present it so that its importance registers. A mix of psychology, history and entertainment." As to advice he gives aspiring journalists, "Read. Not just online news, but books about history and economics. And learn languages." 

As for any PR folks interested in pitching him, Burleigh had this to say: "Initially, with an email setting out the subject, the audience, the length or time of the article or video, the event date, the deadline." To sum: "I'm always looking at news and interesting topics."

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