Surprisingly so

After the Twitterstorm that followed a poorly planted joke, comedian Steve Martin has offered what has been widely construed as the rarest of things: a genuine apology. Amber Hunt at the Cincinnati Enquirer heralded it, "Behold: a real explanation/apology." The New Yorker's Caitlin Kelly responded to Martin's post thusly: "Honestly what are we all even doing here."

In other surprising news, Wisconsin has found a new role for its delectable cheese: de-icing roads. "Milwaukee is using the brine left over from making cheese to help melt snow and ice on the streets," Buzzfeed's Lisa Tozzi tweeted, before adding, "Mmmm cheese brine."

And looking ahead to next week's holiday, you'll be relieved to learn that North Carolina's possum drop will go on as planned. Andrew Seaman at Reuters tweeted, "Of course this happens in North Carolina on New Year's Eve."

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