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Dec 26, 2013

From Reuters we learn that a momentary truce in a besieged Syrian suburb in Damascus may bring food to starving residents. A 48-hour ceasefire just struck between government forces and rebel fighters there could finally allow supplies to be brought into a town where children have reportedly already died from malnutrition in the town and some have "resorted to eating leaves to survive." BBC's Lyse Doucet called it, "Rare good news."

Relatedly, The New York Times reports that the US is surreptitiously supplying government forces in Iraq with arms to combat "an explosion of violence by a Qaeda-backed insurgency that is gaining territory in both western Iraq and neighboring Syria." Jon Williams with ABC News tweeted, "U.S. 'rushing' missiles & drones to #Iraq to help Maliki fight #AQ. Baghdad lost control of 'whole sections' of Mosul." Jeremy Scahill at First Look Media retweeted this killer quote from former journo Jeff Emanuel: "Remember all those times we've flooded a zone with weapons and it's turned out great? Yeah...me either."

Plus, a recent CNN poll reveals that the GOP has edge on Dems in this early midterm indicator. "Way early, but poll suggests GOP has narrow edge in midterm congressional ballot and that turnout will be low," elaborated Adriel Bettelheim at Roll Call. "At this juncture, the one thing benefiting Dems (at least in the House) is that they have few(er) seats to lose," noticed Sam Stein with The Huffington Post.

And on the subject of Christmas, Amazon Prime had a record-setting holiday season. "Wow. 'Amazon shipped enough items w/Prime this holiday to deliver at least one gift to every household in America,'" Fox Business's Jo Ling Kent shared from the Yahoo article.

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