Let the 2013 wrap-ups commence

... or were we already doing that? First up, Christopher Mims at Quartz posits that 2013 was a lost year for tech. "Cowen slams Glass while @mims slams tech generally for a 'lost year' in 2013," summarized Kelly Evans at CNBC. "I love cocksure arguments like this one," confessed Virginia Heffernan at Yahoo News.

And from Dave Weigel at Slate, the self-explanatory title "What Dave Weigel got right and wrong in political predictions." "More journalists should do what @daveweigel does here," mused Dylan Scott at Talking Points Memo.

Looking ahead to the next year, here's Politico's Dylan Byers with the top 10 journalists to watch in 2014, which included Megyn Kelly and Glenn Greenwald, among others. But we noticed a pattern with respect to reactions to this list: "Why no journalists of color on this list?" Houston Chronicle's Monica Rhor asked. "You have to try hard to make a lily white list like this," Daily Beast's Jamelle Bouie observed. "As his Christmas gift to us all, @DylanByers provides an all-white '10 #journalists to watch in 2014' list," Boston Globe's Wesley Lowery noted. "Politico's list of journos to watch is pretty, um, monochromatic. So let's put together a better one," suggested Gene Demby at NPR

And as if to counteract that, from Gawker comes an opposing list: "The Least Important Writers of 2013." Some choice responses:

  • Matt Pearce at the LA Times: "Gawker has published its internal kill list."
  • Roben Farzad at Bloomberg Businessweek was enjoying it: "Gawker, snarktastic @Gawker, you | complete | me. Thanks for not letting me make this cut … cuts like a knife!"
  • Joe Weisenthal at Business Insider seemed honored: "I've made it!" Also see: "I was kind of bummed I didn't make this last year. Glad 2013 turned out to be my year. Thanks @hamiltonnolan!" He also observed, "This by @hamiltonnolan is actually really well done. I lol'd at several of them."
  • Matthew Yglesias at Slate asked, "Does this make me more or less important than @TheStalwart?"
  • Timothy B. Lee at The Washington Post felt let down: "Disappointed Gawker thinks I'm more important than @TheStalwart@mattyglesias and @sullydish."
  • Duncan Robinson at Financial Times shared this searing quote: "Gladwell was last seen openly arguing that "No" means "Yes," in the service of settling a grudge."
  • Mark Perigard at The Boston Herald was dismayed. "The Least Important Writers of 2013. I was sure I was a lock for this list. Dammit!"

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