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The Washington Post turns their attention to Medicare, where rules create a booming business in hospice care for people who aren’t dying. Erin Cauchi from Al Jazeera America wrote, “$15 billion of industry revenue came from Medicare last year. It matters. Taking advantage of the aging.” Alan Zarembo at the LA Times explained, “In hospice, but not dying: Medicare rules create a perverse incentive for providers.” Dan Gillmor at the Guardian added, “WashPost: Hospices treat Medicare like a piggy bank by ‘recruiting patients who aren't actually dying.’”

Also in New York, the Times’ Jesse McKinley writes that New York Will Soon Trail Florida in Population. Freelancer Dan Falk put it in number form: “1. California 2. Texas, and #3 in population -- step aside New York; Florida's gaining on you, and fast…” Jennifer Jenkins at the Times tweeted: “Bow down, bishes.” Colleague Clyde Haberman explained,  “NY once had 45 electoral votes, today 29. Now FL is about to overtake it in population.” Jonathan Martin there added, “NY slipping to FOURTH in population rank, behind what was mostly swampland a century ago. @howiewolf blames Flagler.” Considering we are writing this from Florida today, we can attest to the swampland generalization.

In other state news, Zachary Mider at Bloomberg turns his attention to South Dakota where Moguls Rent Addresses to Dodge Taxes Forever. Michael Moore there called it a “Highly entertaining read from @zachmider on South Dakota's dynasty trusts.” Danielle Ivory at the New York Times tweeted: “How South Dakota is like Bermuda when it comes to dodging taxes.”

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