Featured journalist: Chuck Salter

We finish off this holiday week by offering the honor of Friday's featured journalist to Chuck Salter, senior writer with Fast Company. This self-proclaimed "full-time multimedia storyteller" / "part-time improvisor" covers everything from sports to arts and entertainment to business and finance. The only thing he won't cover? The "status quo," he writes.

For his contributions to journalism, Salter has already received several accolades, including a Mirror Award from Syracuse University's Newhouse School, a Society of Professional Journalists Award, and an award from The Association of Food Journalists. Be sure to check out samplings of his award-winning coverage right here in his Muck Rack portfolio. We recommend you start with "The Most Valuable Player in Sports is ... this Doctor," which garnered him the SPJ award, or, "Detroit: A Love Story."

Remember: If you also want to be featured here, you should 1) set up your own journalist portfolio 2) get verified and 3) let us know by emailing Kirsten.

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