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Elsewhere on the internet, The Guardian has video of Piers Morgan facing a Brett Lee over. If you aren’t sure what that means (we weren’t), it has something to do with cricket. CNN explains it a bit better over here. Steve Busfield at the Guardian explained: “Brett Lee is fast but Piers Morgan's backing away is very poor. Very poor indeed.” Piers Morgan chimed in to say, “Let's see you try.” Glenda Kwek at the Sydney Morning Herald added, “Brett Lee does what many have wanted to do.”

Sam Stein at the Huffington Post shows us, via twitpic, what “A real estate story in the hands of the New York Post.” Ben Allen from WITF Central Pennsylvania reacted with “Oof.”

In the New York Times, you can read Steve Eder’s piece about ESPN’s Millions Remaining intact in Connecticut. Grace Johnson from Breaking News explained, “ESPN has received about $260 million in state tax breaks and credits over the past 12 years.” Marc Gunther from Fortune called it, “Power play: For ESPN, millions in state tax breaks, via @nytimes #cronycapitalism.”

Turn to Capital New York and the work of Azi Paybarah, Mike Allen, and Jimmy Vielkind for Playbook: City Hall turns inside out. Amy Chozick at the New York Times tweeted, “Congrats to the fabulous @mikiebarb who has been assigned the Christie beat ahead of '16.” Jonathan Martin there added, “You'll wanna folo @mikiebarb.”

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