Our internet, ourselves

Jemima Kiss at the Guardian found research that shows Facebook is 'dead and buried to teens'. James Randerson there seemed quite please about the news: “Ha ha at last the death of Facebook is starting :)” David Meyer at GigaOM explained, “Fundamental problem with Facebook as profiling engine is that its users quite sensibly aren't comprehensively honest.” Ryan Broderick at BuzzFeed added, “The teens have spoken.”

For something completely frivolous, read about The Meanings of the Selfie in the New York Times. Tom Lasseter at Bloomberg News called it, “In which @JamesFrancoTV reveals the startling truth of selfies: ‘it’s what everyone wants: attention.’” Josh Sternberg from Digiday admitted, “There's a nugget of interestingness here.” Grace Johnson with Breaking News tweeted: “.@JamesFrancoTV on selfies: 'Selfies are avatars: Mini-Me’s that we send out to give others a sense of who we are.’” Ron Charles from the Washington Post added, “Like we didn't miss Susan Sontag enough already.”

Related, Snoop Dogg (Lion?) posted a video on Instagram of himself shaking hands, or something, with John Kerry. The caption? “me n john kerry at d white house !!” Best part is, @StateDept retweeted the post with a message of their own: “Between us we've sold 30 million-JK.” Brendan Lynch with WGBH tweeted: “.@WillRoseliep Way smoother-seeming convo than I'd have expected.” Lydia DePillis at Wonkblog didn’t agree: “Still hella awk though.” Lou Dubois at NBC News called it, “John Kerry, Snoop Dogg and a fist bump.” Ronan Farrow called it, “The finest video you will see today of Snoop Dogg and Secretary of State John Kerry fist-bumping.” Richard Chambers at Newstalk 106-108 summed it all up: “Mine eyes have seen the glory.”

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