New York's mayor

Dec 30, 2013

The official portrait of Mayor Bloomberg by artist Jon R. Friedman was hung at City Hall this morning and Josh Greenman from the New York Daily News wondered: “What have you done to his eyes?” Tessa Stuart at the Village Voice pointed out there’s a touch of “Radiant orchid!” in there. Hunter Walker at Talking Points Memo had his own thoughts about it: “Bloomberg portrait really not complete without be-fedora'd @stuloeser and sweater clad @howiewolf in the background.”

Speaking of Bloomberg, Michael Barbaro at the New York Times writes that the Cost of Being Mayor is $650 Million, if He’s Rich. Sean Silcoff at Globe and Mail wrote, “Bloomberg wanted the mayor's job so bad, he paid $650M for it. Kind of like being an intern w/more zeros at the end.” Ryan Mac from Forbes explained: “Bloomberg spent $62k over 12 yrs to clean fishtanks weekly. @nytimes says he paid >$650 mil in expenditures as mayor.” Kurt Andersen with Public Radio International added, “Great piece on @MikeBloomberg's $150K-a-day expenditures--but why, @nytimes, don't you link to a line-item ledger?” John McDermott with Digiday shared this quote from the story: "In the past, the city paid its mayor; Mr. Bloomberg paid to be the city’s mayor."

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