What are you doing for New Year's Eve?

If you’re still not sure how to celebrate New Year’s, Michael Shear found out Obama’s TV Picks for the New York Times so maybe catch up on those? Apparently, it’s “Anything Edgy, With Hints of Reality.” Mark Perigard at the Boston Herald shared: “Pres. Obama's favorite TV shows are dark - and I agree on his No. 1 pick.” Esther Breger from The New Republic shared: “Not impressed by Obama's TV shows of choice; so boring/upper-middlebrow/assembled-by-committee.” Meredith Blake from the LA Times added: “Someone needs to tell POTUS that Breaking Bad is available on Netflix. No need for a boxed set! What, is it 2005?”

Otherwise, there’s news of a $375 Applebee’s dinner thanks to Charles Passy at Marketplace. So now you know where we’ll be come midnight tomorrow.

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